Asitrade EXPERTFLUTE – Litho-laminator

Last year, we invested in Asitrade EXPERTFLUTE - Litho-laminator. This became 2015's biggest investment at FrontPac and probably for the industry.

2015 has offered FrontPac many changes and challenges which have made us grow. With new machines, developments and new knowledges. We enter 2016 with the hope that it will continue the same way, if not even better!

Last year, we did a huge investment out in the production when we bought Asitrade EXPERTFLUTE – Litho-laminator. This became our biggest investment 2015, which we did not only for our selves, but also for our customers!

Asitrade EXPERTFLUTE – Litho-laminator is one of the most modern machines on the market right now. The machine is 90 m long and has three functions in one, which streamlines the production flow. We never have to stop and switch machines for the various phases. Everything is made non-stop, from the making of the corrugated cardboard till it’s time to dry. The machine doesn’t even need to stop when it’s time to change jobs, all tanks to the fast adjustments and preparations.
In the first step, the wet end, the corrugated cardboard is created according to need. During this process, it’s easier to adjust the moisture of the material so that the quality fits the current production. The corrugated cardboard is sent on to the next part which is the laminating and then the finished sheet is transported on an extra long press belt for the sheet to be as flat as possible. The finished sheets are placed on a pallet to dry. And at last, the sheets are sent to the diecut which is a separate machine.

This investment also involved an investment with the heating of our building. We can use the waste heat which is produced during our production to heath our building and this also results in a major environmental efficiency.

The whole process is automatic which results in time saving and that we can produce even more than we could do before. The machine has now been up & running since October 2015, and we have learned how to work with it for a smooth production.
- The machine performs way beyond our capacity needs, which we think is very good. We get the opportunity to increase our production and further growth in the industry. We are investing in the future, says Claus Dalgaard.

We are now heading forward to a productive 2016 where we can give you as a customer the best service of packages that you need.